Language translation and localization are now absolutely vital to a new drug’s approval any where in the world. Global 1Stop Translators is a best ally for translation and localization for many Clinical Research Organizations in Malaysia.

Global 1Stop Translators will ensure that your communication is effective for local audience and will translate as they best understand, your documentation legally defensible, and that every step of the trial process complies with international standards. 

As a leading translation services company we do more than assure translation accuracy and statutory compliance of your applications, protocols, recruitment documents, case report forms and ICFs - Global 1Stop Translators will help you navigate the complex matrix of the international trial process itself as we have sufficient experience to demonstrate our expertise in this field.

Our commitment to client satisfaction with your reputation in the market for high quality trials, we make the best partners and no wonder Global 1Stop Translators has bunch of repute and satisfied clients like yours.

We pride ourselves in keeping ourselves ahead in experience for our clients and always ready to meet the needs created by ever-changing compliance requirements.

Foreign language catalogues, health and safety documents, product-release paperwork, manufacturing requirements, Global 1Stop Translators will be your right partner to work.


Key requirements for good clinical trial translation:

Qualified life science translators with subject expertise and native understanding. Regulatory-ready translation, certified in compliance with a documented quality assurance workflow. Extra attention for extra validation and certification steps