Global 1Stop Translators Malaysia's most specialized services is engineering or technical translation. Engineering translation is one of the complex translation to undertake: not only does it demand an advanced degree in technical fields, it also demands patience, precision and experience working with a number of industrial documentations. An engineering translation is a very good example of the precision that has to go into a technical language translation.

Global 1Stop Translators provides reliable and specialized translation solutions for the full range of engineering and technical documentation including: 

• Product and Maintenance manuals
• Training, dealer, user documentation
• Technical and service bulletins
• Technical Documentation
• Warranty Books
• IT Specifications
• Service and diagnostic literature
• Catalogues
• Customer literature
• Specifications, training documentation


Global 1Stop Translators Malaysia has many successful technical projects to its name. Our professional translators have a proven track record in a scientific or engineering field and are familiar with specialist terminology through their qualifications and long-term expertise in these fields. 

We provide all types of engineering translation services like:

• Mechanical Engineering Translation
• Civil Engineering Translation
• Industrial Engineering Translation
• Power Plant and Energy Translation
• Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Translation
• Electrical Engineering Translation 

Global 1Stop Translators industry-leading quality control standards and our dedication to precision and accuracy are some of the reasons why Global Companies trust us to translate their most critical, challenging, and sensitive information. Moreover Global 1Stop Translators quality management system has been audited and found to be in full compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Rest assured that when you start dealing with Global 1Stop Translators Malaysia you will receive the very best in service.

Specialized in dealing with engineering translation means that Global 1Stop Translators is able to maintain consistently high precision in translating documents containing complex graphs or diagrams, and to return them formatted identically to the formatting present in the source document.