We know success will hinge on operating model innovation

Medical Device Manufacturing companies and Medical Technology companies are accelerating their investments in emerging markets. Global 1Stop Translators project team constantly works in collaboration with translators and industry experts to provide better translation and localization solutions. Benefit from our long term relationship with resources not only save cost for our customers, assures unparallel quality translation for use.

In short, our solutions for life science Industry can help you improve clinical development processes, improve communication, and enhance relationships across the customer, user and distribution chain.

In Medical Device Industry, translation is one of the critical components of the overall user experience. It should be considered indispensable to the core business of medical device company for a variety of reasons:

1. Accurate, meaningful, easily understood messages and in the native language is one of the key elements of success.
2. It is an important factor in purchasing decision making in today's global, dynamic and highly competitive market place.
3. Multicultural support in software or device User Interface is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity and a winning differentiator, especially in highly competitive situations. Help screens, online prompts, pull down menus and pervasive device displays mandate availability in the native/local language.


Translation is not a single, discrete step, but a process. The optimization of this process requires a well thought out strategy that takes full advantage of automation based on state of the art tools, technology and related processes as well trained and experienced Project Management team.

In addition, there are a number of steps that can be taken to increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the process. For optimal results, translation should not be treated as a 'bolt on', but an integral part of the overall product development and 'go to market' plan. This is one of the necessary and sufficient conditions for a global company to move its business forward in all the competing markets. The sooner a company recognizes this reality, the better it is.

To learn more about how Global 1Stop Translators can help you localize your medical device and your software please call us or write to us at support@global1stoptranslators.com.my