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Subtitling and Voiceover

  • Global 1Stop Translators specialized Subtitling, Voiceover and Dubbing services are used across every sector and frequently sought after by companies in the media, energy, transport and banking industries. Global 1Stop Translators Malaysia Specializes in Subtitling into as many as 100 languages.


    Global 1Stop Translators provide subtitling translation solutions that enable you to make your existing audio visual programs readable for foreign language audiences without replacing the original soundtrack. Subtitling is a complex process which includes highly technical and precise process to ensure that the audience understands every scene with written or spoken content.

    Nowadays subtitling is more than just translating - it is localizing. Almost each form of video requires subtitling in many languages. Educational and entertainment video content hugely depends upon global market for their success, thus subtitling becomes an imperative medium of reaching the global markets.

    Global 1Stop Translators subtitling service will be executed by native linguists who not only speak the language, but are also fluent in the culture of the original source material and the target language. Global 1Stop Translators can handle every subtitle file format and every type of content, using our network of Professional translators specializing in translation for subtitling and to offer a huge range of languages, from English, Malay, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Japanese and all other languages.


    Voiceover translation involves recording audio with the help of professional voice artists, specializing in the specific language requested. Voiceover translation artists deliver the script, closely following the original dialogue by a few moments.

    Global 1Stop Translators experienced voiceover translators are located right around the world, and scripts are localized, and made consistent, to meet client preferences.

    Global 1Stop Translators have a network of talented and skillful voiceover artists. We analyse the material, which needs to be translated and then select appropriate personnel, based on the country, dialect, accent and speech for which the voice over has to be developed. Global 1Stop Translators Malaysia ensures you to deliver high-quality services.


    Despite the increasing popularity of simple voice-overs and subtitling, the process of dubbing is still one of the preferred methods to watch video content in another language. As it does not require reading, it is ideal for children and markets with lower levels of general education.

    You'll find our helpful project management team will guide you through the process and you'll find we offer very competitive pricing.

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